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    10 ha of Retail + Services Precinct

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    Stage 1 subdivision complete

Poplars Retail + Services Precinct has opened the doors to local and national brands, which will serve the business park and the surrounding region.

The marketplace style offering will provide a fun destination for people to meet, shop, eat and unwind.

Retail + Services Precinct | Stage 1

The first stage of the development at North Poplars includes a five-lot subdivision in the Retail + Services Precinct. The estate will provide new premises for:

  • 7-Eleven Service Station
  • McDonald’s
  • KFC
  • Wellbeing Centre
  • Aldi supermarket


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    Registered for a Green Star Community Pilot rating and targeting 5 green stars.

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    Landscaped tranquil public squares

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    Designed to provide a sustainable development which enhances the environment

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    Proud supporters of the Poplars Grassland Reserve & Wandiyali Restoration Trust

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